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Emergency lighting Services Oswestry, Wrexham, Deeside, Shropshire, Cheshire, Flintshire, Denbighshire.

Emergency lighting services is a service also provided by D Birch Electrical. We understand that there are situations where main power supplies are cut, and standard illumination fails. This may result in a power cut or even a fire in worst cases, leaving occupants in danger and sudden darkness.

We can supply and fit a variety of emergency lighting solutions to your premises. Most new buildings now standardly have emergency lighting installed during the construction of the building, however, there are still many buildings without.

Emergency lighting is essential and is require to operate automatically, giving full illumination to a high level, so that occupants can evacuate premises safely.


The British Standard BS 5266-1: 2011, provides the specific guidelines such as durations of lighting systems for a variety of premises, is supplied to emergency lighting designers in order for them to work to.

(This includes hospitals, nursing homes, museums, shops, schools, colleges, clubs etc).

Types of Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting can sub-divided into two categories – emergency escape lighting and standby lighting.

Standby Lighting

Standby lighting enables normal activities to continue substantially unchanged.

Standby lighting is not a legal requirement – and may or may not be needed.

Whether it is needed depends on the use and the occupancy of the premises.

Emergency Escape Lighting

This is an emergency lighting system that provides clear illumination for the safety of people attempting to leave a location. A common emergency lighting systems is those located above emergency exit doors (in a bright green colour).

Emergency escape lighting can be sub-divided into multiple categories – escape route lighting, highrisk task area lighting and open area lighting.

High Risk Task Area Lighting

This type of emergency escape lighting provides thorough illumination for the safety of people involved in potentially dangerous processes or situations. This enables proper shut-down procedures to take place for the safety of both the operators and other occupants of the premises

Open Area Lighting

(‘anti-panic lighting’) – These system are typically installed in order to minimise panic and ensure that there is sufficient illumination throughout the building in order to allow the occupants of a building to reach a safe place where an escape route can be identified.

Escape Route Lighting

Escape route lighting systems are installed to ensure that the means of escape can be effectively and quickly identified, and safely used by occupants within the building.

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