D Birch Electrical: PAT Testing Oswestry

D Birch Electrical are trained in the service of PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) in Shropshire and surrounding areas. PAT Testing is essential for your business to ensure that all of the electrical equipment within your property / Premises is safe for use by staff and those who enter the premises. PAT Testing is the most comprehensive way for an organisation or business to comply with these legal requirements.

We will examine your electrical appliances and equipment to ensure that they are safe to use. PAT Testing can detect many defects that visual testing cannot detect.

We use specialist testing equipment which perform specific electrical tests on different appliances within the building in order to ensure that all is working correctly, and meet the guidelines for safety. Every appliance within a business premises should be tested, and tests should be performed by somebody competent. D Birch Electrical can help you with this.

Staff at D Birch Electrical have undergone PAT Testing training, gaining certifications, in order to carry out these specific tests correctly and competently. Through gaining these certificates we are able to carry out PAT testing procedures on different types of appliances safely and accurately. PAT tests will confirm whether appliances are deemed either safe or unsafe to use. Those deemed safe will be given a ‘pass’ label and then entered into our database as a pass. Appliances which have failed will be given a ‘fail label’ (and entered into our database as failed).  We recommend our clients to either repair or replace the failed appliances.

When should an appliance be tested?

Different appliances will need testing more often than others. This is due to high traffic areas, which are used more often than others, and those that are in locations where damage is more likely to occur.

D Birch Electrical recommend that risk assessments should be performed regularly on appliances to establish when they should be retested.

PAT Testing Equipment

D Birch Electrical use quality PAT testing equipment to carry out each test. PAT equipment is essential for safety tests to be carried out.

D Birch Electrical Tests:

Earth Bond Tests

Insulation Tests

Cable Tests

Extension Lead Tests

Leakage / Touch Current Tests

We also undertake Visual Inspections (for establishing physical problems with appliances).

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