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D Birch Electrical recommend using LED Lighting over traditional filament lighting.
The benefits of using LED lighting as opposed to the conventional bulbs is tremendous, with LED lighting out-performing in every way possible.

Why switch to LED Lighting?

LED lighting and bulbs are much safer than both filament and fluorescent bulbs. There is no mercury in LED bulbs, which means that they are easily disposable of at the end of their life-cycle and do not require specialist disposal methods, unlike the traditional bulbs.

Also, LED bulbs are more robust than fluorescent bulbs, meaning there is a significant reduction in the risk of breakage. They have a rigid framework which makes them resistant to vibration and impact, resulting in an ideal industrial application.

Energy Saving Lighting

Did you know that LED bulbs use at least 20% less energy than conventional bulbs? This gives you the potential to save up to 90% off your energy bills in certain cases! Your investment will pay for itself much sooner than you’d expect through switching.

Long Lasting Lighting:

LED bulbs run more efficiently than traditional bulbs, and they last much longer too.

With LED lighting systems in place, bulb changes will become infrequent occurrences!

When replacing an LED bulb, it easily slots out and the new one slots in to place hassle free.

LED lights consistently retain their brightness over the course of their lifetime, and they are not prone to dimming.

Environmentally Friendly

It is now obligatory for businesses in both private and public sectors to reduce their carbon footprint. This is either as a pre-compliance or under existing rules. LED lighting is one way in which this is possible, and which organisations are using to reduce energy bills and their carbon footprint.

Versatility of LED Lighting

There is a wide variety of different LED lighting styles available, as well as the range of uses that they can be put to. Their compact size means that LED bulbs can be fitted almost anywhere, with minimal intrusion and maximum brightness!

LEDs are an ideal choice in historic buildings, as they can be suspended from high ceilings without impacting upon the room’s original features. LEDs are also a great choice for contemporary homes and offices. With options for;


wall and surface-mounted,




retail and commercial lighting solutions all available.

LED lighting is directional, which means that it is possible to make a focal points of stair areas, kitchen work tops or even shop displays!

The spatial diffusion of LED lighting can be easily controlled, which enables the lighting to be adjusted for the perfect ambience. It can also be configured so that it is dimmable, giving the consumer complete control over the mood and intensity of their room.

Using the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour mixing principle, we are able to to configure LED lights to a wide range of colours, making LED lighting ideal for external building lighting and for use in ponds and driveways.

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